Monday, May 4, 2009

Ms. L is the teacher's pet?

Hi Starfish!

As you know, we've been studying "idioms". Idioms are popular phrases that aren't meant to be taken literally. For example, if I tell 5th period they are driving me up the wall, I don't mean that they are actually in a car that's driving up the wall! I mean, of course, that their behavior is getting on my nerves and making me crazy.

Here are some funny idioms we discovered this week:
The proof is in the pudding.
Every cloud has a silver lining.
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!
Cry me a river (apparently Ms. L says this a lot)
You're treading on thin ice.
Watch you like a hawk.
Every dog has his day.
I need this like I need a hole in the head.

What idioms do you use? What about your parents or grandparents -do they use a particular idiom over and over? Did you discover any new idioms you want to use from now on? I hope this lesson won't go in one ear and out the other!!!

Ms. L

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's a mystery!


This week we are reading about the world's most famous detective - Sherlock Holmes! As we read "The Hound of the Baskervilles", I'm curious to know:

1. Who do you think was behind Sir Charles' death? Why?

2. Do you really think there is a hound on the moor? Why or why not?

3. Who is out to get Sir Henry?

If you're as cool a detective as Sherlock, you are bound to crack the case!

Read more Sherlock Holmes stories here and learn more about the 2009 movie here!

Elementary, my dear Starfish!

Ms. L : )

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

back from break

Hi Starfish,

We're back from Spring Break! We are going to start our Drama Unit. Don't worry, you won't have to save this drama for your mamas. We're going to be studying and performing plays; we'll even write some of our own!

Did you enjoy your week off from school? I did! I took advantage of the time to scan some of my old childhood pictures into my computer. They didn't have digital cameras when I was a kid (in the day of dinosaurs) so it took awhile. Here are just a few I thought you'd like to see! I was a child of the 80s...

Here's a picture of my sisters and I .... I'm the bald one!

This is me on my third birthday with my sisters. The stuffed animal I'm holding is called "Piggy" and I still have him!

I'm about five or six years old in this picture. I was dressed up for a church fashion show:

Here's me on the first day of third grade:

This is me with my sister Janine (that's right! the real Janine!) on my 14th birthday. It used to be a very popular thing to make fabric cards like this one to hang on your bedroom wall. It was the first time I ever got one and I was so excited! I still have it, but now it's in the closet.

Here I am at age seventeen with Janine and my dad. This was Janine's graduation from Army boot camp. I am so proud of her for that accomplishment!

Finally, this is my best friend, Hilary, and I when we worked together at Target. I'm nineteen in this picture. Hilary and I met in the 7th grade and have been best friends ever since! "Wumpkin" is our nickname for each other.

Well, there's your glimpse back at my life as a kid! My sisters and Hilary are some of my favorite childhood memories. Do you have a favorite memory?

I'm so glad we're back from break!

See ya in class,

Ms. L

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

You're a Poet and Didn't Know it!

Hi Starfish,

We are studying different types of poetry all this week. This will help us prepare for our poetry page. I'm curious...what type of poems do you like best? Can you post it in the comments?

See you in class,
Ms. L

Friday, March 13, 2009

Limerick Time!

Of all the poems we are going to study, I must say I love to read your limericks! Sometimes they are difficult to write because of the strict rhyme scheme and meter, but I think the challenge makes them even more fun to write! Here is a limerick I'll share with you:

There was once a team of small starfish,
Who wanted to grant Ms. L one wish,
They turned in all their work,
And said with a smirk,
"Now it seems 7th grade is quite finished!"

What do you think?? Can you write a limerick about 7th grade, too? Try leaving it in the comments!

See you in class,
Ms. L

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We're studying poems...naturally!


As you know, we've been reading poems for the past few weeks. This week, we will study different types of poems (concrete, narrative, rhyming, haiku) as well as different poetic elements (hyperbole, simile, metaphor, personification). Poetry can be challenging, but definitely worth the effort!

A common image that will pop up in all our poems this week is nature. We will suffer the cold with "Sam McGee", experience "Winter" with Nikki Giovanni, find ourselves "Washed in Silver", and splash around with a "Seal". These poems were inspired by images or elements of nature.

What things in nature do you find inspiring? What scenes would make you want to write a poem? Is it the smell of fresh cut grass? The feel of ocean waves crashing against your toes? The pink sky of a spring sunset? What images in nature make you feel poetic?

See you in class!
Ms. L

Monday, February 9, 2009

Who Are You?


This week we are studying poetry that focuses on celebrating our unique and individual qualities. We read poems about being an individual and loving our differences. Here is a cool poem I found on the same topic. It's on a really awesome site that has many other funny poems. To check it out, just CLICK HERE!

ByPaul Curtis

Always remember that you're unique
Unequalled, uncommon, c’est magnifique.
One of a kind quite, special and rare
Singular, original, not one of a pair.
Special, the exceptional you embody
You're really unique, just like everybody.

I like how this poem explains the true definition of being unique and reminds us that every one of us is unique in our own way. Now I want to know...what is your unique quality? What makes you "one of a kind, quite special and rare"? Or would you rather be like Emily Dickinson's "Nobody"?

Looking forward to hearing your responses! Post them in comments and remember to leave your first name, last initial and period when doing so.

See you in class!
Ms. L